Complimentary Service Valet

Your time is always of the essence, which sometimes means that everything you have planned does not fit into the day. Car maintenance should not be something placed on the backburner simply because you do not have the time to bring your vehicle in for servicing.

What Are The Benefits of Complimentary Service Valet?

One of the many benefits of Van Genesis is its complementary service feature. You can request a valet service and we will come to your location for pickup. Van also gives you a Genesis loaner so that you are not without a car while your auto is serviced.

I Have A Late Model Geneis. How Can I Benefit From the Complimentary Service Valet?

Owners of a late model Genesis have the benefit of the complimentary valet service for the first three years that they own their luxury auto. Imagine not having to re-arrange your schedule to accommodate maintenance repair dates for the first 36 months that you own your car? Wouldn't life be grand?

How Can I Learn More?

Learn more about the Genesis valet service today. Take full advantage of the service when you become the proud owner of this luxury vehicle!



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