Genesis Connected Services

Know About Complimentary Connected Services by Van Genesis Connected Services is a seamless integration of features that make it easier to drive your Genesis. Your driving is safer and more accurate than if you didn't use these features. From automatic alerts to touchscreen directions, there is something that benefits every driver.

Prevent Accidents

Automatic Collision Notification sends out alerts if your car gets too close to another vehicle or object. Genesis Intelligent Assistant® works like a built-in personal assistant that informs you of problems with the engine, brakes, etc. Also receive trip recommendations that save you time and gas.

Avoid Inconveniences

Avoiding every inconvenience on the road is not possible. There are accidents that occur and breakdowns that leave you stranded on the side of the road. Enhanced Roadside Assistance provides immediate assistance for every problem from a robbery to a key lockout. The Stolen Vehicle Recover tool is designed to find and track a theft in progress.

If you are not stranded or in serious trouble, just use Connected Services to make driving easier. Remote Start includes the use of a remote device to turn your engine on from a distance. On cold days, it's useful at warming up your car. Also, use Remote Lock/Unlock to automatically lock or unlock the vehicle without a key.

Avoid Delays

Avoid delays when you know exactly where you're going. Use Destination Search, the sophisticated navigation tool, to know where a destination is and how to get there. MapCare has maps to review if you need an alternative route.

Nowadays, the luxury of a vehicle is combined with safety. With your Genesis vehicle, get complimentary Connected Services for 3 years. Contact our dealership to see how you can start driving a Genesis today.


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