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At Van Genesis, we are thrilled to help you get behind the wheel of a stunning new sedan. Serving Carrollton and surrounding communities, we offer a large inventory of all of our current models. You can spend a few minutes browsing our online inventory, but it is also a great idea to stop by our convenient location and to get behind the wheel of a few of your top options. It may be difficult not to fall in love with the luxury and power that Genesis vehicles are known for. Our financing department is ready to help you locate an excellent auto loan program that can be used to finalize your buying plans. Before you sign off on a new loan and take your new Genesis home, however, you may want to look more closely at the benefits of a car loan.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Savvy Carrollton car buyers understand that applying for an auto loan is not the only option available. Many of today's drivers have chosen to sign a lease rather than to make a purchase using auto financing, and you may be wondering if this is a smart move for you. Understand that both leasing and financing have benefits and drawbacks, and your unique circumstances may make one more advantageous than others. In order to make the right decision for you, you must get to know more about what to expect from a car loan.

As you examine the benefits of a car loan, it is difficult to overlook the importance of unlimited mileage. Auto leases are known for having a mileage restriction, and this constraints your freedom to use your Genesis as desired. Remember that exceeding the mileage restriction limit may result in an extra fee due when you surrender the vehicle at the end of the lease term. If you prefer to enjoy driving your Genesis without concern about mileage and possible additional fees, taking out a new car loan may be a smarter option for you to move forward with.

The mileage factor is not the only difference that you should focus attention on. A car loan can often be used as a financial tool that assists you with improving your credit rating over the next few years. Car financing companies often provide credit bureaus with information about your payment history, but this is not always the case with an auto lease on a new Genesis. The ability to improve your credit rating while also enjoying the benefit of driving a gorgeous new sedan is an exceptional benefit.

You cannot overlook the important matter of ownership at the end of the loan term. Each monthly loan payment that you make builds equity in your Genesis and gets you one step closer to complete ownership. After paying off the loan, you can enjoy the budget savings associated with not having any auto payments to worry about. On the other hand, an auto lease does not build equity or result in ownership. Surrendering the vehicle is necessary at the end of a lease. This creates the perpetuation of monthly auto payments.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

After comparing auto loans and leases, you may be one of many Carrollton area drivers who have decided to apply for a loan. Our financing team at Van Genesis offers assistance to all customers. Even if you have a lower credit rating, count on us to work for you.



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